Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 NY Chumps: Another Ridiculous ESPN List

Dave Rothenberg was sitting in for Michael Kay on ESPN radio earlier today and was discussing the Top 10 Chumps in New York sports in 2012. Yes, another ridiculous list among a plethora of ridiculous lists that ESPN compiles.

Before I heard the 10 people it was obvious that Alex Rodriguez and several members of the NY Jets would be involved. There was voting for the list, but at the moment I don't know if it was done by members of ESPN and/or the fans. Rothenberg mentioned that he had voted, but I did not hear any other details. But I was truly shocked to hear that Curtis Granderson was #10.

The selection of Granderson immediately told me how absurd the list was going to be. Granderson did not have a good 2012 season or post-season. There's no question about that. However, Granderson is the kind of player you want on your team. A stand up guy, who always talks to the media, Granderson has also been a great ambassador for the game with trips overseas the last two years.  His selection also makes me think the fickle New York fans definitely had a hand in things.

Even the #9 selection of Nick Swisher was a bit silly. Swisher had a good regular season and a bad post-season, his normal season in other words.  But how far has this guy has fallen with Yankees fans is amazing - he has gone from being extremely popular to being the #9 chump on a list that deserved to be part of the list. I doubt such lists exists in Cleveland.

As for A-Rod, he was #4; barring some miracle A-Rod will be vilified for the remaining time he's in the Bronx whether he deserves it or not.

Jets coach Rex Ryan topped the list, followed by the team's GM Mike Tannenbaum, and QB Mark Sanchez. The first two you can understand, but I feel for Sanchez. He was over-hyped by the team from the start and because he hasn't played up to a perceived ability, people hate him and that's asinine.

Jets owner Woody Johnson was eighth on the list, and in my opinion, should have been #2 for creating the Tim Tebow fiasco. Despite having not played in New York/New Jersey, the LA Lakers Dwight Howard finished 7th. The fact that he never ended up with Nets  when it almost seemed certain he would and his immature exit from Orlando apparently weighed heavily with the voters.

Former Knicks coach and current Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni  finished 5th. D'Antoni did the best he could with a less than stellar squad, but his refusal to have the offense flow through Carmelo Anthony damned him to New Yorkers.

Fred and Jeff Wilpon finished 6th and clearly would have been #1 had the list been voted on in early September.

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