Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time to Bench This Clown

Swisher can have a post-season career in MTV's Jackass series - Photo Courtesy of

Nick Swisher is beloved by many fans and has become a bit of a mascot/hero to the right field Bleacher Creatures.  He's a very good regular season player that has helped the Yankees to three AL East division crowns and four straight post-season appearances.  But when it's time to play under the bright lights of October, Swisher begins his winter hibernation early.

When Swisher is going good his outlook on life/act is fine, but it gets a little old when he's not. The fawning and preening, the tongue with the hook-'em-horns, the "gad durnit" speech, etc. just makes him look like a clown/asshat.

Most of all Swisher needs to take a seat on the bench right now. Alex Rodriguez has been vilified by the fans, pinch-hit for (twice) and then benched by his manager, yet Swisher continues to play despite NEVER contributing in the post-season.

His post-season resume in pinstripes:

2009 ALDS 1-12 (.083)
2009 ALCS 3-20 (.150)
2009 WS  2-15 (.133)

2010 ALDS 4-12 (.333; ok his one minor contribution in which he had one solo home run)
2010 ALCS 2-22 (.091)

2011 ALDS 4-19 (.211)

2012 ALDS 2-18 (.111)

Overall that comes out to 18-118 (.153) and while he has been solid in the outfield, there were a pair of plays in this year's ALDS that had me scratching my non-dandruff head.

A liner off the bat of  Manny Machado to right field saw Swisher slide to stop the ball. The result was an easy double for the semi-speedy Machado. No telling if Swisher, who has an average arm, could have held him to a single.

Worse was a play to right-center (I believe McLouth was the batter; caffeine hasn't quite kicked in yet) that Swisher basically did a stop-drop-and-roll to field, again giving him no shot to stop the batter from taking an extra base. In both cases there was no reason for Swisher to go to the ground.

Even though it would hurt a bit defensively it's time to start Raul Ibanez in LF, Ichiro Suzuki in right and use Swisher and/or Brett Gardner as defensive replacements late.

Swisher's contract is up after the season and he'll be eligible for free agency. Brian Cashman and the Yankees must let him walk. He'll help get to you to Fall season, but forget it beyone that.

Joe Girardi did what he felt he needed to do with  A-Rod and now it's time for him to help the team again by putting Swisher on the bench.

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