Saturday, October 13, 2012

ALCS, Hmmm

Opponents are in trouble when the Big Man roars.

Due to extenuating circumstances I missed almost the entire game yesterday.  Caught a couple of innings on ESPN radio (so nice listening to Dave O'Brien and Orel Hershiser instead of Cornball and Screechy) and a 1/2 inning on TBS, but missed the last six innings. Just followed it up on my phone.

Some quick thoughts:

.Love how the same people who shred CC Sabathia, rip him about his weight, etc., when he has a bad outing, shower him with praise when he does well. CC's one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, a tic below the level of a pitcher like Verlander, but there aren't too many at either level.

He pitched a spectacular game and when the big man roars, as he did after getting out of an 8th inning jam, you know you are in good shape. It was a smart move by Joe Girardi to let him pitch the 9th.

.Curtis Granderson hit the baseball; that was no small feat the way he has been chasing pitches out of the strike zone and making no or weak contact. Hopefully he can go on a tear.

.It was one of the best series for Yankees pitching that I can remember. Perhaps it was a matter of two cold lineups running into each other, but the pitching was tremendous in the series and even more so for the Yankees since they blew no leads late.

.I wrote about it earlier today and I will say it again tonight. Nick Swisher needs to be benched, he brings nothing to the table, which in this case is the batter's box.

.Andy Pettitte pitching game one of a big series; seems like old times. Hopefully, Pettitte pitches like he did in the '09 post-season.

.Alex Rodriguez is hitting sixth in Game 1 against Tigers right-hander Doug Fister. Let's hope he finds some way to make contact, and decent contact. The Yankees need him.

That's it..let's go Yankees!

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