Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL Divisional Games - Sunday

Things didn't turn out too good for yours truly yesterday. Thankfully I had no money on either game. The Ravens sure looked good at halftime, didn't they? Then the Steelers defense stepped up and Joe Flacco crumbled like a box of Corn Flaccos, er Flakes.

Atlanta looked pretty good in the 1st quarter against Green Bay, but the Packers simply dominated the remainder the game. Aaron Rodgers was about as good as you can get. People keep ripping Brett Favre for holding him back, but actually watching Favre had to help him out.

So how about Football Sunday? The Seahawks-Bears has the potential to be an incredible borefest. This is just the opponent the Seahawks needed. I don't trust the Bears no matter their record. Seattle has already beaten them once and there's no reason they can't do it again.

That being said, this is the Bears defense and not the Saints'. Matt Hasselback won't have the time to fire touchdown passes around the field with Chicago's pressure. This will be a relatively low scoring game, with the Bears defense having a huge impact (perhaps a pick for a TD - by the way can we ban the phrase, "He's going to take it to the house" and all other variations?).

The Bears are 10 point favorites, but I see it Bears 23 Seahawks 17. Which also means I'm going with the under on the 42.5 O/U.

The late game is the one everyone in the northeast corridor is waiting for. The Jets at the Patriots. Brash Rex Ryan and his foot fetish against grumpy Bill Bellichik and his hoodies. The two teams split the season series with the Patriots embarrassing the Jets in prime time in the latter match up, 45-3.

This should be a great game and the difference should come down to the experienced, excellent Tom Brady vs. the inexperienced/inconsistent Mark Sanchez. The Jets will definitely have to run the ball today if they are to win. But be that as it may, I see it Patriots 27 Jets 23. So taking the Jets +9 and taking the over on the 44.5 O/U.

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