Friday, January 28, 2011

Having A Granderson Old Time

I had the pleasure of talking to Curtis Granderson in the Yankees clubhosue for a few minutes this past Summer and it was quick to see why everyone says he's such a great guy. We talked about his revamped swing and the interview the YES Network'sKim Jones did with his parents when the team was on the road in Chicago last season.

Major League Baseball also knows what a great guy Granderson is and that's why he's on a trip as an ambassador for baseball in New Zealand. The centerfield told the Kiwi press that he's having a great time.

"Tourism New Zealand has shown us a really great time and if the people out there aren't excited about what I've been posting, there's gotta be something wrong with them," he said yesterday.
"We've just finished going up the Skyline gondola, done the Zip Trek flying fox tour and are about to do a jet boat trip. I've been tweeting, been doing Facebook updates and been blogging about the good times I've had down here, and I'm not done yet."

The Yankees have also been sending a TV crew along to document the trip for the YES Network and

Granderson has liked what he's seen in the New Zealand youngster's zeal for baseball.
"There's a lot of talent here, in both the boys and girls. There's a lot of natural athletes."
The Yankees are very lucky to have the talented Granderson in the fold.

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