Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts - Vikings is the Pick

The Jets and their fans have had a great run. The regular season was up and down, and it took some good luck to the make the playoffs. Once there though, "Gang Green" (or "Gag Green" as we Giants prefer to say) has taken full advantage of their situation. They've posted impressive back to back wins against the Bengals and Chargers.

Today, I feel their run comes to an end as they play their third straight road game. I do feel though that they will play a close game today - Colts 20 Jets 17 - that's my pick.

A lot of this run of course reminds you of the Giants Super Bowl victory course two seasons ago. There's a notable exception, however, and that is the inexperience of Mark Sanchez compared to that of Eli Manning. The running game is the key for the Jets today. Stopping the Colts weak run game and using Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene to pound the ball at Indianapolis.

While I think the 'D' will be successful in stopping the Colts ground game, stopping Peyton Manning is another story. A story, I believe, that will provide for an unhappy ending for the Jets.

The Saints-Vikings NFC championship should be a great one. Brett Favre has won the big one before , or in this case, the second biggest one. Drew Brees is still trying to get to the next hurdle after losing to the Bears in 2006. That Bears team, of course, lost to the Peyton Colts in the Super Bowl.

I see Brees watching at home again this year due to the Vikings defense and enough bursts by Adrian Peterson to give Minnesota the win over N'Oleans. Vikings 27 Saints 21

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