Sunday, December 27, 2009

Giants Stadium Will Not Be Missed

Don't get me wrong. A lot of great things have happened at Giants Stadium. There has been the road to three Giants' Super Bowl wins and four SB appearances. There was one near SB appearance for the Jets.

Countless Bruce Springsteen concerts. A great Billy Joel show back in '92, and countless other musical performances.

The Cosmos showed off Pele and Giorgio Chinaglia. On and on it goes. But like I said Giants Stadium will not be missed. It's a nothing facility. Not spectacular looking. No amazingly huge video screens. No out of the ordinary food areas or bathroom facilities. It's serviceable.

So while the memories of events will remain in tact, the place itself will not.

My favorite GS attended memories

12/23/86 - Giants defeat Broncos 19-16 in a Super Bowl preview. The Giants improved to 10-2 as the home crowd got revved up in anticipation of their first legitimate Super Bowl run. George Martin picked off a John Elway and returned it 78 yards for a touchdown. He was finally tackled by Lawrence Taylor in the end zone.

Billy Joel "Storm Front" Tour - July, 1992. Great show. Joel was young and full of energy. (I've only seen Springsteen in the arena)

12/10/00 - The Giants crush the Steelers 30-10 in a surprising run to the Super Bowl year. (Unfortunately, not all the games are good. I've also seen the Giants get crushed by the Deadskins and Ravens.)

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