Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Does Cashman have a Card up his sleeve?

Now that left field has been vacated by dispatching of Melky Cabrera to Atlanta, I suspect Brian Cashman may have something bigger in the works. We've heard about the need to monitor/cut back payroll. We've heard about possible discussions to/about Mark DeRosa and other low cost moves. But may very well be laying in the weeds to make a big, scratch that, very big move.

Matt Holliday in a Yankees lineup would likely make some opposing managers quit before the season even started. It would make anti-Yankees sentiment burn even hotter. It would cause those who want a salary cap to scream from the mountain tops. And of course it would satisfy those Yankees fans who ridiculously feel they need an All-Star at every position.

I think it's still not likely to occur, but Holliday could very well end up in a Yankees uniform if the length and amount of the contract was to the liking of Hal Steinbrenner and company.

That means that Johnny Damon is still an option as is Jason Bay.

The Yankees could still use a number five hitter to protect A-Rod and Holliday would certainly fit that role to a tee.

So to recap:

Plan A - Holliday

Plan B - Bay

Plan C - DeRosa type

Plan D - Damon

The order of this can all change of course if Damon lowers demands or the front office nixes a four or five year deal for Holliday or Bay. But the feeling here is that signing Holliday is Cashman's true agenda.

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