Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yankee Trivia Answers

Here are the answers to yesterday's trivia:

1. Name the 2 Yankees who were double tagged out by the White Sox Carlton Fisk at home plate? (1 pt for each name)
Bobby Meacham and Dale Berra

2. Who were the Yankees 1st and 3rd bases coaches when they won the World Series in 1977? (2 pts for each name)
Elston Howser and Dick Howser

3. Who was the last Yankee pitcher to win a World Series game? (5 pt)
Sterling Hitchcock, game 5 2001

4. Who was the 1st batter El Duque faced in the major leagues? (5 pts)
Quinton McCracken, Tampa Bay

5. Who hit the 1st home run in the remodeled Yankee Stadium in 1976 (5 pts)
Disco Dan Ford, Minn Twins

6. Who hit the pop up that Derek Jeter dove in the stands for in July, 2004? (3 pts)
Trot Nixon

7. Who had the most at-bats in a single game? (5 pts)
Bobby Richardson 11 (22 inning game vs Det, 1962)

8. What pitcher holds the team record for strikeouts by a righthander? (5 pts)
David Cone, 16

9. Who were the last 3 Yankees to hit for the cycle? (5 pts for each name)
Tony Fernandez, Bobby Murcer, Mickey Mantle

10. Who was the first Yankee to win a gold glove? (5 pts)
Roger Maris, 1960

Based on your score you deserve a place in
45-50 Monument Park
39-44 Main Box
34-38 Main Reserved
25-33 Bleachers
15-24 Nose Bleeds
Under 15 Go Root for the Mets

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