Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Short Stops - 3/7

John Rocker has admitted that he has used the growth hormone HGH. Gee, what a shock. Rocker's revelation came via a publicist after Sports Illustrated reported Rocker's name was on the client list of recently-busted Applied Pharmacy in Mobile, Alabama. Rocker claims he used it for medicinal reasons. Sorry, John, it won't increase the size of your brain. Fellow major leaguer David Bell, pro wrestler Kurt Angle, and champion body builder Victor Martinez (not to be confused with the Indians' catcher) were also named. Angels' centerfielder Gary Matthews Jr. was previously reported as being on the client list.

No matter the sport, can we please just ban idiots already? No not the fans, the players. Ron Artest was arrested the other day for domestic violence. Turns out now that the police were called to Artest's home 5 times since August. Two of those calls were specifically for domestic violence. Just because his wife hasn't pressed charges in the past, it doesn't mean the league shouldn't take action. Same goes for the NFL concerning Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, and half of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Javier Vazquez just picked up a 3-year, $34 million extension from the Chicago White Sox. Amazing how much money you can make being mediocre.

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