Friday, March 9, 2007

Short Stops - 3/9

The names continue to pour in from the HGH bust at Applied Pharmacy in Alabama. Former major leaguer (and member of the '98 Yankees) Darren Holmes is the latest athlete to be thrust into the spotlight.

The LA Angels are already looking into voiding Gary Matthews' 5-year, 50 mill deal should Little Sarge prove to be guilty or not 'fess up to his involvement in the Applied case. Matthews hit 50 points higher than his career average last season and added career highs in HR and RBI.

As part of his visit to Legends Field on Wednesday night, Roger Clemens stopped into the YES booth to talk with announcers Ken Singleton and Al Leiter. The Rocket seemed very relaxed and seems like a natural to do color commentary if he so chooses. He was already better than the informative, but very wooden, Leiter.

Humberto Sanchez has been able to throw off flat ground without any stiffness and he hopes to throw off a mound this weekend. Todd Pratt's career could be winding down. As we previously reported, he's been suffering from an inflamed heel. Turns out he has plantar fasciitis- a nearly impossible injury for a catcher to deal with.

The A's received a big blow to their season when it was announced that centerfielder Mark Kotsay will miss 3-4 months with back surgery. Kotsay's attitude and hustle is invaluable to the ball club.

One of our all-time fav's, El Duque, got slammed by the Orioles yesterday, giving up 5 runs in the 2nd inning. He still has a dance, and you don't Coney.


  1. what do you think of the angels' reaction to gary matthews jr? can they really void his contract because of something he did before he was on the team? i would love to see that, but is it even possible?

  2. I have no problem at all with the Angels trying to void Matthews' contract. He just had a huge year that all could have been because of the HGH. Therefore he obtained the contract thru faulty means.

    I was all for the Yankees voiding Giambi's contract when the steroid info came out.