Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Short Stops

Gary Sheffield and the Detroit Tigers came to Legends Field to play the Yankees yesterday, so of course the media was all over it. Among the pearls of wisdom that Sheff bestowed on all ears: A-Rod will have a great year, and that opening up about his relationship with Jeter will help him immensely. Sheff had to earn every bit of respect from Joe Torre (you wanted to be treated like a king immediately Gary?). He had planned to retire before the lack of an extension from the Yankees "pushed" him to prove he could get the money. Some people just never grow up.

J.D. Drew is whining about the LA Dodgers' lack of interest once he opted out of his contract. Hmm, let's see J.D.. The Dodgers gave you a very fair contract and you decided to opt out of it because of greed. And you wonder why they don't miss you?

Bobby Murcer held a teleconference yesterday to let everyone know his spirits are good and he plans on getting back to the YES booth this year!

The Marlins' rotation took a blow when it was discovered that Josh Johnson has an irritated ulnar nerve and will miss the 1st two months of the season.

Todd Pratt's chances of making the Yankees 25-man roster has become limited by an inflamed heel. He's been shut down for at least several days. Pratt has said he would retire if he didn't make the club.

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