Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bosch Admits Injecting A-Rod

60 Minutes will air an exclusive interview Sunday evening with Biogenesis of America owner Anthony Bosch in which the key witness in MLB's investigation admitted to injecting Alex Rodriguez with banned substances.

Correspondent Scott Pelley queried Bosch as to what banned substances A-Rod used. Bosch mentioned a human growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor 1. A-Rod reportedly used six banned substances in all.

When asked by Pelley if A-Rod injected himself, Bosch said no, he injected A-Rod because "Alex is scared of needles." The price of doing business was $12K per month, which is basically tip money for Rodriguez. MLB's evidence also included numerous text messages between Bosch and A-Rod.

In promoting the story, Pelley mentioned that representatives of A-Rod attempted to bribe Bosch. When that failed they.tried to get him out of the country. When Bosch started to receive death threats he decided to cooperate with Major League Baseball's investigation into the Biogenesis clinic.

Bosch had initially told MLB investigators that he never gave any banned substances to MLB players. Once he cooperated and MLB felt the death threats were credible, they paid for Bosch's security guards and legal fees, a matter A-Rod considers a bribe.

When MLB COO Rob Manfred, a key figure in the investigation, was pressed by Pelley to tell viewers how MLB knew Bosch was telling the truth. Manfred responded, "The credibility of any witness is determined by … looking the individual in the eye, listening to the story he tells and then lining it up with the other evidence/ And frankly, nobody came in and contradicted what Mr. Bosch said."

60 Minutes attempted to get Rodriguez on the show as well,  but he took a pass.

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