Thursday, January 16, 2014

A-Rod May Be Ready To Accept His Fate

Despite the sabre rattling from his lawyers, it appears Alex Rodriguez may be ready to drop his sword and accept his 162 game suspension.

Speaking in Spanish at an event in Mexico, A-Rod told the media (courtesy of the NY Post),
“I think that the year 2014 could be a big favor that [Major League Baseball has] done for me because I’ve been playing for 20 years without a timeout,” he said. “I think 2014 is a good year to rest mentally and physically and prepare for the future and begin a new chapter in my life.”
That doesn't sound like someone who is willing to fight until his last breath, or in this case, dollar. Perhaps, A-Rod has realized just how much this back and forth with Major League Baseball is costing him. He's already going to lose out on the $25MM he was set to make in 2014 (he'll receive a little over $2.8MM), so why lose millions more in lawyers fees on a case that could have a less than 50% chance for a successful outcome.

A-Rod added that he's looking forward to a healthy 2015 return.
“I have three years left on my contract starting in 2015 and I hope to play very well and finish my career in New York,” he said.
The Boss Jr., Hal Steinbrenner, issued a  statement on Wednesday that somewhat left the door open for an A-Rod return in 2015, but nothing is guaranteed. It's also hard to imagine that A-Rod would realyl want to remain in NY and that the Yankees would want him back. (From the NY Daily News)
“When he’s on and when he’s healthy, he’s obviously an asset,” Steinbrenner told a group of reporters at the owners meetings in Paradise Valley, Ariz., in his first public comments since an arbitrator ruled A-Rod’s ban would go from 211 games to 162. “We’ll see what happens.
“He’s a great player. I have not thought about 2015 nor am I going to right now.” 
Speaking at a Turn 2 Foundation event, Yankees' captain Derek Jeter wouldn't endorse A-Rod coming to Spring Training, but did empathize with his teammate.
“As a teammate, you’re saddened by the whole thing,” Jeter said Wednesday of Rodriguez’s season-long ban for his alleged ties to Biogenesis and PEDs. “The whole thing has been kind of messy.”
“I’m sure it’s rough. He’s human. I’m sure it’s a rough situation. I’ve played with him more than I haven’t [in my career]. You grow close to guys over the years.”
Jeter also mentioned that he had been in contact with his embroiled teammate, but would not go into the details. Jorge Posada also sympathized with his former teammate's plight, but felt he shouldn't attend Spring Training.
“It would be really tough for Alex and the Yankees and the players,” the retired catcher said. “I just hope he thinks about everything and makes a decision later and not now when he’s mad.”
“It’s tough to see a friend go through that,” said Posada, who has been unable to make contact with Rodriguez. “The game of baseball is tough at times. He’s got my support… It’s tough to watch. You just hope he can move on.”

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