Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Post-Season Numbers Game

With a month left in the season it's time to do some speculation on the make up of the Yankees 25-man roster for the post-season. The opponent will likely either be the Detroit Tigers or the Texas Rangers, though either should have little impact on who makes the roster and who doesn't.

Most of the roster spots are obvious, but there are still a few spots up for grabs. Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Gardner, Granderson, Swisher, Martin, Cervelli, Nunez, Chavez, Jones are the 12 hitters/fielders that are a given.

The pitching staff has Sabathia, Nova, Garcia, Colon, Rivera, Robertson, Soriano, Logan, and Wade for a total of 9.

That's 21 rosters spots taken with four opening to be filled. The Yankees have their four starters, so there's no reason that A.J. Burnett should be on the post-season roster. Phil Hughes could be added as a righty specialist. Perhaps Luis Ayala, the team's current long man might be added to eat innings in case of a blow out. But I think the big surprise here is that Hector Noesi is added over the three of them. The dark horse could be Raul Valdes, a journeyman lefty that was recalled by the Yankees today and will get a chance in September to prove the team needs a second lefty in addition to Logan.

You normally carry 12 pitchers during the regular season, but there's really no reason to go with more than 10, 11 at the most in the post-season, especially in a short series.

On offense Jorge Posada is not a given due to his lack of production. If Jesus Montero shows any thing at all, he'll be on the roster. The Yankees are likely to add another infielder (Ramiro Pena) and another outfielder, likely Chris Dickerson.

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