Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oklahama Christian U. Honors Bobby Murcer

He never attended or played for Oklahoma Christian University, but on Friday the school honered Bobby Murcer by naming their indoor facility after him.

Bobby (I just can't refer to him as Murcer) knew many people associated with the school and he and his wife Kay attended church nearby. Kent Allen, a friend of the Murcers and the school's VP for alumni relations had this to say:

“We felt like we needed to give honor to whom honor is due,” Allen said. “In the end, he had developed a keen interest in wanting to bring OC baseball back, even better than before. Here’s a man who drove by the university every day, had seen the importance of bringing baseball back to the university, had developed good relationships with so many people on the campus, had lent his name to a fundraising activity and was one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons. It just made sense to name the facility after him.”

Bobby's widow Kay was in attendance for the ceremony.

“I feel like my roots are here in Oklahoma and I will keep my heels dug in in this area,” she said. “I hope one day, maybe one of our grandkids will attend Oklahoma Christian. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor Bobby.”

You can read more about the ceremony and the honor at the OC official website.

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