Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soriano's Rapture

YES, my elbow hurts

I talked about my concerns at the possibility of signing Rafael Soriano this past off-season and unfortunately I might have hit the nail, or elbow, on the head.

The Yankees reported earlier today that Soriano was shut down while playing catch on flat ground Monday, and was sent for another MRI w/contrast (per YES' Kim Jones) today. After viewing it, the Yankees are sending Soriano to Dr. Doom, James Andrews. This does not bode well for the near or distant future. The Yankees did not reveal the results of the MRI, but speculation is that the inflammation is enough to go to the top guy for an opinion.

You may or may not remember that Soriano can opt out of his three year deal after both the first and second years. It's hard to imagine he would give up his contract if he's seriously injured, meaning worst case scenario the Yankees could be stuck paying someone who can't take the hill for an extended period of time (Carl Pavano anyone?).

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