Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FullCountPitch - The Full Count: Jack Curry

Jack Curry discusses CC Sabathia's contract and more

Jack Curry was a long time sportswriter for the New York Times before joining the YES Network prior to the 2010 season. In 2000, he co-write Derek Jeter’s autobiography, “Life You Imagine: Life Lessons For Achieving Your Dreams”. Today he joins us for a session of The Full Count.

FCP: We’ve all seen the decline of newspapers in this country. I still can’t have my breakfast without my morning sports page in my hands. Do you foresee a day when there will be no “paper” newspapers?

Jack Curry: I also enjoy reading the actual newspaper. Having worked at The NY Times for 22 years, I always enjoyed the routine of scooping up the paper in the driveway. That being said, the business has obviously changed a lot and a generation of “readers” get their info off the ‘net and not in the actual newspapers. I also think newspapers will be around, but I wouldn’t be shocked if some papers are someday forced to become online only.

FCP: If Yankees like Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada continue to struggle, do you see Brian Cashman trying to make a big splash for another bat or just deal for a serviceable bat (a Jeff Conine type for example)? Any chance Jorge Vazquez gets a chance in the bigs?

JC: A couple of weeks ago, Cashman told me that he makes daily evaluations of the team and is always searching for areas in which they can improve. At that time, Cashman said he wasn’t ready to move to do anything with Posada. He said Posada deserved the chance to emerge from his funk. He didn’t day mention Swisher that day, but I’m sure he feels the same way. The easy solution for the Yankees is for Posada and Swisher to be similar to the players they’ve been in their careers. If they’re not, like not, that’s when it gets dicey. It’s easy to say a GM should “go get someone,” but the execs I’ve spoken to say the market is bare right now. Vazquez has earned the shot to play in the big leagues. It’s just a matter of whether Yankees will pull trigger.

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