Friday, February 18, 2011

BD Spring Training Report: I Wonder | Baseball Digest

BD Spring Training Report: I Wonder | Baseball Digest

It’s a relaxing Friday night. We’re sitting around enjoying the last of the above normal warm weather in the Northeast as winter’s cold air prepares to return tomorrow. I think it’s definitely time for us to play a game of ”I wonder”. Please feel free to play along at home.

I wonder if the Wilpon Family-Bernie Madoff mess will be a distraction for the Mets during the season. It’s already become a distraction on NYC talk radio where WFAN’sMike Francesa has been discussing the Ponzi scheme the entire week. The Wilpons and others are also being investigated as to whether or not they were aware of any wrong doing. For his part Madoff told reporters that the Wilpons were not aware of the scheme.

I wonder if Albert Pujols will wear a Chicago Cubs uniform next year. Can you imagine? Think of your favorite player in any sport. Now think of the biggest rivals of that team. Now think of that player in one of those other team’s uniform. Roger Clemens wearing Yankees pinstripes. Brett Favre in Vikings purple.Leo Durocher managing the NY Giants. Those all did happen.

I wonder who the first player will be, that was hedging about returning in 2011, to retire before the regular season starts. I wonder no more on that one. Jim Edmonds of the Cardinals decided to call it quits today after a 17 year career. Edmonds underwent surgery recently to relieve pain in an achilles tendon and decided not to risk permanent damage. He retires with 393 career home runs, 1,199 RBI, and 8 Gold Gloves. Happy retirement to one of the most exciting centerfielders to watch.

I wonder who will be the first player, who retired after last season, to return this season. My money is on the Yankees’ Andy Pettitte. Though he is strong in his convictions and said there’s no way he’s pitching this year, he also said never say never. Perhaps a July return. Even Jorge Posada has a hunch he’ll back this year.

I wonder if Felix Hernandez will still be a Seattle Mariner when the trade deadline passes. I’m thinking not, no matter how much the Seattle front office says otherwise.

I wonder if Justin Morneau will have a healthy, concussion free season. This is a very worrisome situation for one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball. This is a great career that could easily get derailed even if another concussion does not occur. Morneau has been cleared to take part in spring training drills, but has not yet been cleared to play in games. Morneau’s concussion occurred last July!

I wonder if Manny Ramirez will a) play in more than 120 games b) hit 30 or more home runs c) come up with a lame injury. I’m not sure about a or b, but c is pretty much a definite.

I wonder if Bryce Harper will tear apart minor league pitching and if he’ll get a September call up. Yes and yes- Harper should terrorize lower minor league pitching (He’ll play at two levels at the very least) and will be brought up in September to put some fannies in the seats.

I wonder if Don Mattingly will make a good Major League manager. Being a great/very good ball player doesn’t guarantee success (Ted Williams was one of the many that found that out). Relationships change when you go from player to coach and coach to manager. I think he’ll be successful as long as heremembers what constitutes a trip to the mound.

I wonder if Bud Selig will get his wish in 2012 or shortly thereafter to expand the MLB playoffs. My answer is a resounding yes, because this has nothing to do with baseball. It’s all about greed.

I wonder what I’ll write about next week. Stay tuned.


  1. "I wonder if Felix Hernandez will still be a Seattle Mariner when the trade deadline passes. I’m thinking not, no matter how much the Seattle front office says otherwise."

    I get your reasoning here. The 's have Felix under contract for four more seasons. There is absolutely no reason to trade him now, especially since he'll likely be the only real reason Mariner fans will have this year to get excited.

  2. While true they have him under control, think about the boatload of players they could get in return for him. One player can bring fans in, but in his case it's only every 5th day.