Friday, February 25, 2011

BD Spring Training Report: ‘But Watch Out For In Your Ear’ | Baseball Digest

BD Spring Training Report: ‘But Watch Out For In Your Ear’ | Baseball Digest

There is a cardinal rule in baseball to never talk about another team’s woes or do anything to incite said team. The Cincinnati Reds Jonny Gomes may have done that on Wednesday when it was perceived that he was celebrating the St. Louis Cardinals loss of Adam Wainwright (does that make it a double cardinal rule?). The Reds and Cardinals already had bad blood between them last season which led to a bench clearing brawl. Now Gomes’ purported actions might ignite something in 2011.

It was reported that Gomes entered the Reds clubhouse singing “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone”. According to Gomes, who already reached out to the Cardinals via a friend on the club, he had appeared on Rob Dibble’s radio show earlier in the day and was informed of Wainwright’s injury. He came into the clubhouse happy because an interview he had to do for the Reds’ scoreboard was pushed back to accommodate the Dibble interview. So he apparently was singing a song from “The Karate Kid” and asked “Is Wainwright gone?”


Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “I’ve got to believe that every place said, ‘That’s a hit to that club and that hurts their chances. But I don’t know that anybody is going to be immune this year from going though slumps or injuries. That’s why everybody just takes care of their own business and understands how fragile this stuff is.

“I happen to know Gomes,” he continued. “I don’t think he meant anything by it. And I haven’t even heard for sure what he said. But I like the way he competes.”

LaRussa was prety cryptic with his answer which means when Gomes comes to bat against St. Louis to he had better stay light on his feet.

Newly signed free agent Adrian Beltre will miss two weeks of Texas Rangers camp after being diagnosed with a Grade I strain of his right calf muscle.

Miguel Cabrera finally reported to the Detroit Tigers camp in Lakeland, FL. The organization is working with Cabrera to find treatment, though the 1st baseman will not categorize himself as an alcoholic. “I have it under control,” Cabrera said. “It was just a bad decision. I made a mistake this time, and all I can do is continue treatment. “… I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my life, and this was a tough one.”

He did offer up an apology- ”I am very sorry for what I have done,” Cabrera said through a translator. “I have worked hard for a period of time, and I hope everyone forgives me. All I ask for is forgiveness.”

The Dodgers Vicente Padilla feels great after undergoing elbow surgery for an entrapped radial nerve. He could begin throwing again in 3-4 weeks.

Commissioner Bud Selig has named Joe Torre to the post of Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations. An official announcement will be made on Saturday.

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