Sunday, September 26, 2010

Move to Hughes Not a Panic

You can't blame Joe Girardi if he's a little antsy (anskY?) right now. His team has slept walked it's way through the last 15 games. Ten of those games have resulted in losses. The two biggest issues have been poor starting and relief pitching, and a lack of timely hits. Maybe I should consider that three issues.

With the team really in need of win, both for the standings and psychologically, Girardi and/or Brian Cashman decided that Phil Hughes should face the Red Sox tonight instead of Dustin Moseley. This was originally Hughes' regular spot, but the Yankees decided to push back Hughes to Wednesday in order to preserve his innings limit (app. 175) and possibly have him pitch closer to the beginning of the playoffs.

After having lost four straight games, dropping into second place in the AL East, and seeing the Red Sox suddenly pull to within 5.5 games of them in the wild card race, the Yankees obviously realized they needed to try to do something different tonight. Something to give them a boost in the arm.

So while it's not a panic, it is certainly time for a shake up and wake up.

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