Monday, September 20, 2010

I Hate Bad Sports Days

I hate days like Sunday. I was already still fuming from the Yankees loss yesterday when I sat down to watch the Giants football game. I am not going to even get into that one...I shut it off at halftime before I was tempted to throw the TV out the window.

As for the Yankees game, a very disappointing loss considering they could have gone into tonight's series with the Rays 1.5 up instead of .5. Mariano is going to blow games, it happens. Andy Pettitte pitched very well and was a big silver lining. And relievers, like David Robertson, are going to give up a run to lose a game. It all happens.

The really aggravating thing is the complete lack of clutch hitting that has spread through the team at an epidemic proportion. I now cringe when the bases are loaded. They were in the top of the 11th when Lance Berkman stepped up and promptly bounced into an inning ending double play.

I was also not too happy about Alex Rodriguez sitting down with Mark Teixeira already out of the lineup. Michael Kay and Ken Singleton speculated that Joe Girardi wanted to be sure to have A-Rod for all three games against the Rays.

It doesn't make sense. Play A-Rod and sit him against Boston on Friday. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Red Sox are a non-factor now except for playing the role of spoiler. You can't have a lineup that is missing two of your three biggest guns.

Pitching Probables for Rays Series.

Tonight it's Matt Garza against rookie Ivan Nova in a rematch of a game in Tampa last week. The Yankees knocked Garza around and Nova couldn't hold a 6-0 lead. The Yankees eventually won the roller coaster ride.

Tuesday night has another rematch- James Shields vs. Phil Hughes. Shields has been average pitcher that looks like a Hall of Fame caliber hurler when he faces the Yankees. Hughes pitched a sound game, but threw two gopher balls to Dan Johnson that cost the Yankees the game.

Wednesday has Wade Davis going against A.J. Burnett, who will be trying to build off his strong start in Baltimore.

And the Thursday finale could be a rematch of the thrilling David Price-CC Sabathia duel that took place last week in Tampa. The Yankees have not officially named Sabathia the starter according to the MLB probables.


Okay, I can't resist. What a pathetic, no-show performance by this supposed football team. Did the defensive players forget to get off the team bus? Always a mistake to watch the Giants in prime time.

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