Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 Things That Need To Go Away

Call them pet peeves - no they're much worse than pet peeves. 10 things or people/persons that need to go away.

1. Reality TV of all kinds. There is nothing real about it. It's just a bunch of scripted, "I want to be famous" idiots that get way more than their 15 minutes of fame. Not too mention how much money these idiots are paid. Especially egregious - Jersey Shore, the Real Housewives (has there been anything less real) of Wherever, and the people who created these dumb shows. Put them into a rocket to, you guessed it,'s fitting.

2. FOX News. Go away all of you truth twisting, garbage reporting, phony (Well some of you aren't phony and that's scarier) morons. Let's make them really useful, send them to Afghanistan to look for Bin Laden. And take Rush Dimbulb with you.

3. Athletes Who Don't Appreciate What They've Got. If you want to snort your paycheck, impregnate half of America, or beat your wife, give your spot on the roster to someone who'll appreciate it more. Just don't let Braylon Edwards drive you out of town.

4. Commissioners of Sport. Seriously. You're all puppets of the owners and each of you is more annoying than the next.

5. Jim Dolan. You run my cable company like crap. You run my Rangers like crap. You run my friends' Knicks like crap. If it walks like a duck, yeah you know where I'm going. And take Glen Sather with you.

6. Sarah Palin. Give the moose a helicopter and a semi-automatic rifle and make it a fair fight.

7. That quit smoking commercial where stuff oozes...okay, I'm going to throw up.

8. Puppy Mills. The people that run these things should be subjected to living in a too small crate for years. Hmm, wait that's called prison.

9. The Pledge to America - What a load of crap.

10. Umpires, referees, whatever you go by. You stink. Just grab fans out of the stands to officiate games.

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