Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wang Gets Another Shot

Tyler Kepner of the NY Times reports that Chien-Ming Wang will get one more start, and that may be it. Wang is scheduled to go against the Marlins next week.

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  1. The Yankees have been really successful in attempting to destroy Wang's career.
    They ordered him to bunt when the team had a 3 run lead.
    They screwed up his rehab twice in a roll.
    They let him hang out to dry in the bull pen.
    They threw him on the mound to face two of the best hitting teams in baseball.
    And now, they demand "a real good start" from him one day after his wife giving birth to their first child, when they "imagine he'll be a little exhausted" because it's "quite an emotional day".
    How about putting a bullet through his head and stopping torturing him?