Saturday, October 25, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 8

We bounced back beautifully from our 5-9 Week 6 debacle to put together a 10-4 Week 7. That puts us at 57-42-3. The big Giants-Steelers, 4:15 pm EDT battle on Sunday culminates a big Pittsburgh-Metro area weekend showdown. It starts today with Rutgers going against Top 25 ranked Pitt. This evening the Rangers and Penguins go at it in an NHL intra-division game, and the NFL counterparts smack each other around tomorrow.

This should be a good one and it will be a real test for the Giants, who have struggled offensively the last two weeks. It's a road game, which actually might help the Giants, since they've won 12 of 13 on the road. It's a game they could easily lose, but we'll go with Big Blue in this one.
Giants +3 at Steelers Prediction: Giants 20 Steelers 17

Jets -14 vs. Chiefs
This could be some really ugly football, but the Jets are still the better team. Could be a blow out.

Ravens -7.5 vs. Raiders
We're not letting that Raiders win last week go anywhere near our heads. They stink. Actually they aren't the only ones. Most of the NFL stinks.

Chargers -3 vs. Saints in London
Blimey! We were thinking this could be an old AFL high scoring game. We know neither of these teams is doing much on the defensive side of the ball. With Reggie Bush already out of the Saints lineup, word is that running back Deuce McAllister has tested positive for steroids and could be suspended. Chargers in a blow out.

Bills -1 at Dolphins
We're surprised the Buffalonians are only favored by a point.

Bucs +2 at Cowboys
We're going out on a bit of a limb here. Even without Romo, could the Cowboys really lose three straight? We're thinking the Bucs defense can make it a reality.

Falcons +9 at Eagles
We're surprised the Eagles are favored by that much. Matt Ryan is playing well and this should be closer than 9 points.

Patriots -7.5 vs. Rams
Rams may be without Stephen Jackson. Can't see the Rams winning three straight.

Panthers -4 vs. Cardinals
You never know with these things, but the Panthers 'D' is the difference maker.

Redskins -8 at Lions
Blow out city.

Browns +7 vs. Jaguars
This is the "what are we thinking pick". It worked out well with the Ravens last week.

Seahawks +5.5 at 49ers
Two teams in disarray.

Bengals +9 at Texans
The Bungles are bad, but the Texans have no business being favored by 9 over anyone.

Titans -4 vs. Colts
What has happened to this Colts team?...besides poor play, injuries, etc.

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