Sunday, October 19, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 7

We had a miserable week last Sunday, topped off the giant crap Big Blue took on Monday night. A 5-9 week puts us at 47-38-3 overall.

This week the Giants should be back on the ball against an inferior 49ers team. It definitely helps that it is a home game. The Giants will be without Antonio Pierce and his backup, Chase Blackburn, is a big banged up himself. Eli Manning has a bruised chest, but will play.
Giants -10.5 vs. 49ers Prediction: Giants 33 49ers 16

Jets -3 at Raiders
A decent playing Jets team has a good stretch of the schedule, including today's road game against a Raiders team that is in as much disarray as ever. Jets should romp.

Titans -9 at Chiefs
That's a big spread for a road team, but the Titans are unbeaten. Unlike the Giants-Browns game on Monday night, there will be no sudden turnaround for the Chiefs. They just plain stink.

Bills -1 vs. Chargers
The Chargers are completely unpredictable, especially when LT2 is banged up, but Tomlinson did take part in full practices on Thursday and Friday. That being said, the Bills defense should be the difference maker in this one.

Steelers -9.5 at Bengals
Another big road spread, but another feeble opponent. Carson Palmer is still sitting, as is Willie Parker, but the Steelers have enough weapons to make for another miserable day for Marvin Lewis.

Ravens +3 at Dolphins
Wildcat offense or not, the difference in this game will be Joe Flacco. We were going to go with the Dolphins and then switched. A choice we will probably regret.

Cowboys -7 at Rams
Not having Tony Romo shouldn't stop the Cowboys from blasting the Rams. Cowboys will bounce back from last week's upset at the hands of the Cardinals, and there is no way the Rams will beat an NFC East opponent two weeks in a row.

Bears -3 vs. Vikings
Should be a pretty good game, but the Bears are the better team.

Panthers -3 vs. Saints
Going with another favorite here. The Panthers defense should be a good match for the Saints offense. If Jake Delhomme is on, he should be able to pick apart the Saints secondary.

Lions +9.5 at Texans
Okay, this pick is crazy. Completely. But we'll commit point spread suicide.

Browns +7.5 at Redskins
No, we're not reading too much into last week's Browns win. They won't win this one, but we think they can keep it close...we hope.

Colts -1 at Packers
Peyton Manning looked healthy last week in throwing 3 TD's. He should replicate that feat this week.

Bucs -10.5 vs. Seahawks
We really don't like laying that many points with the Bucs, but we really don't like this Seattle team.

Patriots -3 vs. Broncos
This game could probably be a PK, but with the lack of Broncos defense, we'll go with the Pats.

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