Friday, October 3, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 5

We were 8-5 last week, putting us at 35-24-1 thru 4 weeks.

Big Blue is back in action this week against an underachieving Seattle Seahawks squad. No Plaxico Burress though as he sits out with his suspension. The Giants should have plenty of other weapons to go to though in his absence.
Giants -7 vs. Seahawks
We like this spread a lot better than when it was 9.5. Prediction Giants 27 Seahawks 17

Colts -3 at Texans
Texans could pull off an upset against a struggling Colts team, but the Peyton Mannings should be okay for another week.

Titans -3 at Ravens
It's a road game, but we're surprised the Titans are only laying 3 points. We'll take them quite happily.

Chargers -6.5 at Dolphins
The Dolphins should score some points, but their defense won't stop the Chargers offense.

Panthers -9.5 vs. Chiefs
Larry Johnson won't be rushing for 198 yards against the Panthers defense.

Redskins +6 at Eagles
Maybe we're putting too much into a 'skins team that we knew would play well against the Cowboys last week. We think the Eagles still win, but a field goal is the difference.

Bears -3.5 at Lions
How can anyone even consider taking the Lions.

Packers -4 vs Falcons
The Falcons have really baffled us this season. We keep taking them at the wrong time. We waffled on this one too with Aaron Rodgers being a game time decision. But we'll go with the Pack at home.

Broncos -3 at Bucs
Broncos defense shouldn't be challenged by the Bucs offense, and that will be the difference.

Patriots -3 at 49ers
Frank Gore should have a big day, but the Pats should win by six.

Bills +1 at Cardinals
Why are the Cardinals favored?

Cowboys -16 vs. Bengals
We were going to go with the Bengals and then we chickened out. Big spread or crappy team. Tough one, but the Cowboys will take out their frustration from last week's loss.

Steelers -4 at Jaguars
This should be a great game. Who scheduled Pburg for all these night games?

Saints -3 vs. Vikings
Hard to make heads or tails out of this Vikings squad. Brees should breeze.

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