Sunday, January 6, 2008

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Whether you believe Roger Clemens or not (for the record we don't), what the local Fox station did tonight was in poor form. Duke Castiglione (you'll remember him as the reporter that ticked off Randy Johnson as soon as he got here), whose father has been a Red Sox announcer for the past 24 years, had a couple of guests in the studio to discuss the Clemens interview.

One was Jim Bambauch, the respected journalist for Newsday, but the other was Jim Duquette, the former Mets G.M., but more importantly, the cousin of former Red Sox G.M. Dan Duquette. As you may or may not recall, Duquette was the G.M. who felt Clemens was on the downside and let him walk in his free agent year prior to the 1997 season. You could see where this discussion was going.

Sure enough about two-thirds of the way in, vindication for cousin Dan was discussed. Then Castiglione went to the absurd, suggesting that possibly Clemens bat throwing incident in the 2000 World Series might be attributed to 'roid rage. Jim Duquette than suggested that maybe that's what occurred during the 1990 playoffs when Clemens lost his temper at home plate ump Terry Cooney and was ejected. Bambauch was quick to counter that the feeling at the time was that Clemens was acting like someone on amphetamines.

Bambauch is a good journalist. He should be careful not to part of the dog and pony show that Castigliano was conducting tonight.

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