Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Yankees News

Learn more about Ian Kennedy. Ironically, it sounds like Kennedy is similar in thought processes to the man he's replacing, Mike Mussina. Source

Mike Mussina is not happy about being skipped in the rotation. Even though he admitted that he "doesn't what to do" out there, he feels his resume should keep him pitching. Source

The Joba Rules and why Brian Cashman is sticking to them. Interestingly enough, on last night's broadcast, Michael Kay stated that Yankees pitching guru Nardi Contreras is the person who actually set the rules for Joba Chamberlain's handling. Source

Joe Girardi did a, seemingly, great job as skipper of the Florida Marlins last year. But with a crop of injuries and ineffectiveness by the Marlins starters this year, people are questioning if Girardi's handling of them is the reason. Source

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