Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heads Will Roll

King George has definitely mellowed. In past years blood would have surely been shed by now. The manager, the general manager, etc. King George has already stated that Brian Cashman wanted full control and is now "on the hook". A firing will take place before the week is over. You can bank on it. Except it won't be Cashman or Joe Torre. Kevin Long will be the victim.

For years now, King George has fired one of the lieutenants to get a the generals. I've lost count of how many pitching coaches have lost their jobs in the wake of one of George's tirades. This time it will be the hitting coach, Long. Ron Guidry is safe for now because the veteran starters have pitched fairly well, and there have been far too many rookies making their debuts. The bullpen is another story all together.

The biggest problem that the Yankees have right now, besides a complete lack of desire or grit, is a total lack of offense. Bobby Abreu hit .330 in his time as a Yankee last season. He's at .233 entering tonight's action. Robinson Cano was in a race for a batting title last year, finishing at .342. A recent 11 game hitting streak helped raise his average to .260. The team batting average is .273, but much of that is due to the superb years Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are having. So the sacrificial lamb will be Long.

I am certainly not saying its Long's fault. A supposed professional hitter like Abreu should not be hitting .233 at this point of the season. And injuries have effected Johnny Damon's and Jason Giambi's season. But Long is the new kid on the block and will go. Right or wrong, it's King George's world.

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  1. Unfortunately, what I think King George fails to recognize is the fact that firing Cashman, Torre, Long or whoever, is not going to help Abreu find his way out of a telephone booth. It's not going to prevent the bullpen from giving up runs, inherited or otherwise, and it certainly won't stop Robinson Cano from playing like he doesn't give a damn.
    But, like you said, it is King George's world, and he will do as he pleases.