Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Starry Starry Night

Major League baseball made it official today, announcing that Yankee Stadium will host the All-Star game in the site's last hurrah in 2008. The Stadium hasn't hosted the game since 1977, when soon to be Yankee Goose Gossage, then of the Pirates, struck out Thurman Munson in a classic matchup. League commissioner (aka resident jackass) Bud Selig and NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg were at city hall for the announcement.

"Let go Bud, it's mine!"

This will be just the 4th All-Star game in Yankee Stadium history. The Bombers also hosted the games in 1939 and 1960. The Yankees reached the World Series (winning 2, losing 1) in all 3 prior years they hosted the gala.

Weekend for Bernie

Speaking of Yankee All-Stars, the Bombers extended a spring training invite to Bernie Williams. It's a minor league signing, with absolutely no guarantees. Ball is in your court Bernie...and Scott Boras. Take the invite, having a nice spring training, and then gracefully retire.

Goose Gossage will be in camp too - as a pitching instructor.

Moose Calls Pavano on the Carpet

Mike Mussina
was honored last night at the annual Thurman Munson awards dinner. He said that Carl Pavano could earn his teammates trust by simply being on the mound every 5 days. If only it were that simple with Mr. Lame Injury.

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