Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Ya Doin' Super Bowl?

We still laugh at the way Paul McCartney addressed the Super Bowl crowd at Super Bowl XXXIX.

NFL Comish Paul Goodell says he's seriously considering the Meadowlands new stadium for the Super Bowl in 2014. As I walked the dogs in a 9 degree wind chill this morning I thought, what are you nuts? How could they not have put a retractable roof and expect people to sit in this cold?

As for today's game, this is the first time in a while that I won't mind whichever team wins. That being said I like more of the Colts' players and will probably have a slight rooting edge for them. As for a prediction - Colts 27 Saints 23 with Peyton Manning getting MVP.

Hopefully Dwight Freeney will be able to play, even in a limited capacity, for Indy. Horrible to make it to the big game and not be able to get in there.

Good luck to Rutgers product and Colts linebacker Gary Brackett.

Really hoping not to see too many shots of Kim Kardashian (Reggie Bush's fiance) or Kendra Baskett (Hank Baskett's Mrs. and the former Hef "girl next door"). I don't think they have a brain cell between them.