Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yankees to Change Name to Butchers

While there has been much talk in the media about the campaign/pressure to get the Washington Redskins to change their team name, the New York Yankees name change has gone ignored.

Yes, the one time Highlanders are now to be known as the New York Butchers. It has nothing to do with the many butcher shops there have been over the years in the Big Apple. No, this has to do with the 2014 Yankees' exceptional job at butchering baseball games. Last night's 5-2 loss to the Houston Astros was another example of the Yankees turning a victory into a loss.

The last time that happened was, well, the night before. So the Yankees take the field Thursday afternoon hoping to salvage the finale of a three game series with a young Astros team that suddenly doesn't look like the doormats of the American League. Then again, the Yankees make most teams look good.

Michael Pineda was grooving last night. Handed a 2-0 lead, he didn't allow a hit until the 4th inning and departed, with a 2-1 lead, after he walked the lead off man in the 7th. That's when Joe Girardi made a call to the Butcher Shop bullpen. Moments later, David Huff and Esmil Rogers had turned a possible win into another damaging loss.

Forget the A.L. East - the Yankees are 9.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles - the Yankees are now five games out of the second wild card spot amd have three teams (Mariners, Blue Jays, Indians) in between them and the holders of the second wild card, Detroit.

The Yankees startering pitching put in decent efforts over the last six games; They held opponents to 2.29 runs per game and averaged nearly 8.5 K's per nine innings. Despite the solid efforts, the team won just twice in those half dozen games. While the defense has improved, the once reliable bullpen has been anything but reliable and the hitters have continued to not produce runs. (The lineup might actually hit better with a meat cleaver.)

The Yankees season is sinking faster than the Titanic, and the ship's captain, Derek Jeter, will depart MLB without making the playoffs for two consecutive years. That will be one first he does not want.

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