Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yankees and MLB Roll Out New Security Measures

"You! Why are wearing long sleeves on an 80 degree day?"

Hopefully body scanning isn't next, though some fans may want to be frisked by the member of NYPD of their choice.

So leave those screws in your ankle and your retainer home when you go see Derek Jeter play his final season.

Press Release:
As part of Major League Baseball's initiative to standardize security procedures at all 30 Major League parks for the start of the 2015 season, metal detectors will be added at various entry points at Yankee Stadium beginning today, Tuesday, August 19, for the start of the Yankees' upcoming homestand.

The Yankees are introducing metal detection at select Stadium entrances this season - before the 2015 mandate - in an effort to acclimate staff and fans to the new procedure. The Yankees urge all fans to leave a few extra minutes for entry into the Stadium, especially with large crowds expected for this weekend's series vs. the White Sox.

Upon entering the ballpark, fans will be asked to remove cell phones and all large metal objects from their pockets before walking through the metal detector; they can be retrieved immediately after entering. All bags still will be checked, and only MLB-compliant bags - 16x16x8 or smaller - will be admitted.

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