Thursday, July 21, 2011

FullCountPitch | Help Wanted: Shortstop

I wouldn’t be surprised if you opened up the pages of the classified ads in today’s Arizona Republic or looked under jobs on their online site and found a listing for a shortstop. Pay based on experience, need to fill position ASAP.

The Diamondbacks, one of the biggest surprises in baseball this season, suffered a huge blow last night when shortstop Stephen Drew fractured his ankle sliding into home plate against the Milwaukee Brewers. Drew is one of the key players on a Diamondbacks team that is just 4.5 games behind San Francisco in the NL West. The Diamondbacks were probably set to be moderate buyers at the deadline and while that is still probably true, their level of interest has certainly gone up a notch.

Drew was fourth on the team with 46 RBI, just four behind Chris Young's team leading 50, and second among shortstops in the National League. Defensive minded shortstops can be found fairly easily, but coming up wiht a player who will pick up the offensive slack left by Drew’s absence won’t be so easy.

So, who replaces Drew?

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