Thursday, June 2, 2011

A-Rod Not Overrated Common Sense Department

Alex Rodriguez was recently voted as baseball most overrated player in a poll taken by Sports Illustrated of 51 current MLB players. However, Rodriguez will never be considered overrated when it comes to using his head.

Though MLB has completed it's investigation and has stated there was no violation of MLB policy, Rodriguez came under scrutiny, as first reported by the NY Daily News, after his cousin Yuri Sucart was spotted in cities the Yankees were playing dating back to last year.

Yes, this is the same cousin that reportedly delivered A-Rod his steroids. MLB's front office had banned Sucart from all non-public places associated with the team, such as the clubhouse and team buses. League exec Rob Manfred told that nothing can be done about Sucart hanging out in the Yankees' hotel lobby.

But what does this say about Rodriguez? Loyalty and family are important, but not when it can jeopardize your livelihood. If Rodriguez, who is clearly his own worst enemy, wants to keep his relationship with his cousin and/or keep him on his payroll, he should simply hang out with him in the off-season or have him maintain one of his homes somewhere. But he should NOT be anywhere near Sucart whether it's near Yankee Stadium or any place on a road trip.

Time to grow up Alex. Seriously.

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