Monday, June 27, 2011

FullCountPitch - Fans Doing An All-Star Job

In 1957, seven Cincinnati Reds players had been voted to start in the All-Star game. Commissioner Ford Frick responded by taking the vote away from the fans. Things are a little better in 2011.

Halley’s Comet, Steak Tartare, total solar eclipses…all three are less rare than baseball fans voting for the proper starters in the annual Major League All-Star game. But this year the average baseball Joe/Josephine is doing a pretty good job of mixing popularity with the deserving player. There are still mistakes of course, though some would argue that they are not errors since it is who the fans want to see. That being said, it is time to take a look at the current positional leaders for this year’s game, which will be played in Phoenix on July 12. (The statistical numbers indicated are accurate entering Sunday’s play unless otherwise indicated. All-Star vote totals are as of June 20.)

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Adrian BeltreAdrian GonzalezAlbert PujolsAlex AvilaAlex RodriguezBrandon PhillipsBrian McCannBruce BochyChipper JonesCurtis GrandersonDavid OrtizDavid WrightDerek JeterDustin PedroiaJoe MauerJoey VottoJose BautistaJose ReyesLance BerkmanMatt HollidayMatt KempMichael YoungMiguel MonteroPablo SandovalPrince FielderRobinson CanoRon WashingtonRussell MartinRyan BraunRyan HowardRyan ZimmermanTroy TulowitzkiVictor Martinez


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