Saturday, March 26, 2011

Girardi on the Rotation

Joe Girardi discussed the rotation decisions with the beat guys this morning. These quotes are from Chad Jennings' LoHud Blog.

“Serge (Mitre) was more of a starter,” Girardi said. “He was never really a one-inning guy. We just think Bartolo (Colon) can do some different things… In a sense, you feel that not asking him to throw 200 innings might be easier on him, physically.”

“We will make sure that we use him (Colon) properly, that we don’t abuse him or throw him days in a row,” Girardi said. “We understand this is something he’s really never done a whole lot of, so we have to be smart about it. It’s kind of like when we moved Aceves, who had always been a starter, to the bullpen. How we did it with Phil Hughes when we moved him; you’ve got to be smart how you do it.”

Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild also like Colon's ability to warm up quickly.

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