Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday in the Park With George..Steinbrenner

Gorgeous Sunday in the metro area. Sergio Mitre will have the task of beating the Twins once again. And he'll have a Bat Day crowd watching, so he'd better be go.

Bat Day was, and possibly still is, the best promotion day of all time. I was supposed to go in 1971, but got salmonella and had to miss it. But...back then there were two Bat Days in a season. I made it to the second one and got THE bat. A Bobby Murcer bat. Awesome. My sister also got one, which I eventually got a hold of as well. I used one to play baseball with and preserved the other.

The highlight of Bat Day was when Bob Sheppard would ask everyone in the crowd to raise their bats high in the air. Those 14-and under in the crowd of 55,000 would immediately do so. There was also the "off-label" use of the bats, protection on the way home through bad neighborhoods.

* * *

Brett Gardner is having a fabulous season. Yesterday he stole his 17th base in 18 tries, despite the fact that Joe Mauer's throw appeared to have him dead to rights. But Gardner managed to elude the tag of Orlando Hudson and then a re-tag after he slid passed 2nd base.

Marc Carig of the Star Ledger
has a nice profile on the Yankees speedy outfielder.

* * *

Nick Johnson received a cortisone shot in his troublesome wrist, but surgery has not been ruled out.

Curtis Granderson has begun running, but is expected to miss another two weeks.

Chan Ho Park will be activated today with Ivan Nova the likely candidate to be sent down.

* * *

Former Yankee Curtis Pride continues to inspire others.

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