Friday, November 27, 2009

Hot Stove Friday

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A lot of talk, but not much action so far this off-season. Here's what has gone down since we last touched on the subject.

The White Sox apparently feel that getting older is a good thing. They've signed 21-yr veteran Omar Vizquel as utility man and 14-yr veteran Andruw Jones as an outfielder/DH. White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye, expected to sign elsewhere, said he would be willing to switch to 1st base in order to be a good fit for his new team.

Johnny Damon wants a long term deal and says he has offers from a handful of teams. Actually, not only did Damon make that statement, but so did his wife Michelle and his agent Scott Boras. If Damon sticks to his guns, it's unlikely he'll be back in Pinstripes.

The Blue Jays re-signed great defense/no bat infield John McDonald to a new deal and then added good defense/not much of a bat Alex Gonzalez to their roster as well. Blue Jays' free agent infielder Marco Scutaro is likely to leave with Boston being tops on his wish list. That according to his agent, Peter Greenberg.

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