Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who Can Root for this Team?

The biggest bunch of overpaid, gutless, losers we have seen don the Pinstripes in quite some time. We're furious right now. Dan Giese pitched, arguably, the best game of his life, in front of his hometown, and the rest of the team shat all over it.

Alex Rodriguez can hit a million solo home runs, but that won't help him with men on base when he's more likely to flail at a third strike that's three feet out of the zone. And the distractions? He's a walking distraction from his divorce to his strippers to Madonna. Good God, does this guy have the worst taste or what?

The Captain has been playing some of the best defense of his life, but his bat has been anemic. We'd love to give him a pass, but he's been killing the Yankees in the two spot this year. It would take major balls for Joe Girardi to move him in the lineup, but that won't happen. Not that the alternatives are viable either.

Melky Cabrera is simply killing the Yankees with his offense. Three hits today practically matched his total for the last month. If he hit .260-.270 it would be totally acceptable, but to be in the .230's since May?

Bobby Abreu is having a very good offensive season. In a contract year, let us remind you. He should still not be a number three hitter, though. Defensively, any ball hit outside of a one foot diameter will drop in. Has this guy ever dived for a ball in his life?

Robinson Cano has to stop the two to three month dead zone to start the season. He's killed them two years in a row with his lack of early production.

Thanks for another two month season, Jason. Another guy that can hit a ton of solo home runs but can't come through in the clutch. Yes, we remember the home run off B.J. Ryan. That doesn't happen every day or close to it. And you stat idiots, don't be telling us how great his OPS is. His contract was even worse than the new one they gave A-Rod.

The pitching. What can you say about the pitching outside of Moose, Pettitte, and Wang (yes, Pettitte gets somewhat of a pass). Can't complain about Ponson, we know he stinks. Injuries happen, but when a punk like Ian Kennedy continues to shoot his mouth off after getting his ass shows you the problem with this team and with athletes today.

This bullpen is atrocious, their hot streak a mirror of the tease this team gave us when they burst out of the second half gate like world beaters.

Disgusted. Angry. Done.


  1. Well said. I turned the game off after the Yanks couldn't manage to get another run (after Melky was thrown out at home).

    The offense is killing them this year. No clutch hitting, swinging at the first pitch, not going deep into counts.

    It's painful watching them. I may just stop and only watch 1 game a week.

  2. I finally realized there's good chance we couldn't make it to the playoff in the 8th inning.
    This team is too big a source of depression.