Friday, August 8, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 8/8

The Yankees open a three game series with their nemesis Los Angeles Angels this evening. One late night start tonight, followed by a FOX 3:55'er on Saturday and a 2:30 start on Sunday.

We certainly didn't expect to see Ian Kennedy and Dan Giese starting the first two games. Andy Pettitte gets the nod on Sunday.

Kennedy, who faces Jered Weaver tonight, told pitching Dave Eiland that he now understands the mental approach he must have in the majors.
"He admitted to me," Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland said, "'When I'm down here (in the minors), I know I can get these guys out.' I said, 'You've got to have the same mental approach when you're here."'

"His command's been a little bit better," said Eiland, who watches video of the Triple-A pitchers. "And he's commanded his slider a little bit more, it's more consistent, with the tilt to it. He's not hanging as many, he's more consistent, he's got a better feel for it. That just comes with repetition."
Giese will oppose John Lackey and Pettitte goes up against Joe Saunders.

Ivan Rodriguez thinks he will be able to make his expected start tonight. Rangers outfielder David Murphy wasn't so lucky. He was placed on the DL and sat on the bench last night sporting a black eye.

Bobby Meacham is away from the team for two days for his daughter's wedding. Tony Pena is coaching third base in his absence with bp pitcher Mitch Seoane taking over the duties at first.

Carl Pavano on his rehab from Tommy John surgery: "I'd like to contribute," Pavano said. "But I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. That doesn't do me any good." Just shut up.

Dave Brown of Yahoo Sports has an amusing Q & A with Mike Mussina.

Q: You finished your degree in 3 1/2 years. Did you not drink a single beer in college?

MM: Um... how do I answer that? Yes I did, "drink a single beer."

Dan Graziano has a piece on the importance of guys like Phil Hughes and Kennedy down the stretch run.

Roger Clemens and Rusty Hardin
aren't giving up on the Rocket's anti-defamation lawsuit. Interestingly, Hardin is also now representing Victoria Osteen, wife of tele-vangelist (that translates to con artist in our dictionary) Joel Osteen, who is being sued by a flight attendant that alleges Mrs. Osteen attacked her on a flight in 2005.

Hideki Matsui took bp and ran yesterday, but has not been cleared for a rehab assignment.

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