Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 8/12

As the losses mount, Joe Girardi is starting to get a bit testy with the press. He was clearly not pleased with yesterday's questions regarding why Johnny Damon, a .322 hitter, was riding the pines.

George King has the Yankees' "Death Watch" going.

Things are not going right for the Yankees, but not due to the effort of Sidney Ponson.

Joba Chamberlain wants to start throwing ASAP, but the Yankees are holding him off until Friday.

Twins closer Joe Nathan donated a half-million dollars to his alma mater, Long Island's Stony Brook University, for help in the construction of a new baseball facility. More funding is needed, but the new joint will be called, "Joe Nathan Field".

Former Yankees manager and tormentor, together in LA, are having a hairy disagreement.

A-Rod has apparently donated $500K to Madonna's charity (no, it does not pay for those cone bras).

Phil Hughes will get the start tonight when Scranton takes on the Pawtucket Red Sox. No word if the game will be rescheduled due to the death of manager Dave Miley's son.

Is this guy on a month's tape delay?

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