Friday, December 14, 2007

This Week in the NFL - week 15

We got off to a bad start with last night's Texans win over the Broncos. Seems like whichever of those teams we pick usually loses. Big Blue can take another step towards sealing up a wild card spot win over the Redskins.


Bengals - 8.5
at 49ers
This Bengals team isn't as good as the Vikings team that destroyed the Niners on the road, but this Niners team is still that bad.


Giants -4.5 vs. Redskins
We hate when Big Blue plays in prime time, but the Giants' D should be too much for Todd Collins. The weather could have a major impact.

Saints -4 vs. Cardinals
This game truly is a toss up. We'll guess that Drew Brees will get enough done to pull out a win.

Bucs -13 vs. Falcons
The Bucs, nearly 2 TD favorites? We hate that, but the Falcons are complete mess right now.

Ravens -3.5 at Dolphins
Even the offensively challenged Ravens should be able to handle this one.

Browns -5.5 vs. Bills
The Bills have burned us too many times to take them again.

Packers -8 at Rams
Should be no contest for the Favres.

Jags +3 at Steelers
We think the Jags win this outright- we felt that way even before knowing Big Ben might not play.

Patriots -22.5 vs. Jets
Boy did we waiver on this. And the weather could still impact it. But Bellichik wants to kill the Jets, which means they probably will.

Seahawks -7.5 at Panthers
Haws are rolling. Panthers are reeling.

Titans -4 at Chiefs
Titans should bounce back after last week's blown game.

Colts -10.5 at Raiders
No problem for Peyton and the boys.

Chargers -10 vs. Lions
We hate this spread, because we won't trust the Chargers. But the Lions shot their last load (apologies to our female readers) against the Cowboys. Should be a 6 game losing streak shortly.

Cowboys 10 vs. Eagles
Can't remember this many large point spreads in years past, but then again most of the teams in the NFL stink. Giants beat the Eagles by 3 so why shouldn't the Cowboys beat 'em by 10 or more?

Bears +10 vs. Vikings
Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor will probably run wild, but we just can lay the points with the Vikings- even at home.

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