Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Face of the Victim

Too often the victim is forgotten in criminal cases. Jim Leyritz is not likely to forget the face of Fredia Veitch any time soon. Veitch was the victim yesterday early morning when Leyritz allegedly drove while under the influence and crashed his SUV into Veitch's car.

Fredia Veitch was a waitress at a Ft. Lauderdale area steakhouse, working her last week on the late shift. Her husband was uncomfortable with her late hours due to the propensity of drunk drivers on the road when she would be returning home from work.

Her two children are now without a mother because of an irresponsible act. It's a reminder of the dangers of drunk driving. If you don't care enough about yourself, think about the pain you could be inflicting on someone else's family. Think about what it would be like if it was your family that was affected. And then call a cab.


  1. I just happened to stumble upon this article. Obviously this was written before it was found out that Fredia Veitch was indeed more intoxicated than Leyritz. While what Jim Leyritz was awful (it was found out he was also playing with the radio before he crashed) and the fact that I have a subjective, irrational dislike for Jim Leyritz as a Braves fan, I think some of the blame should be shifted from Leyritz in this case. Ultimately, this is a perfect story to illustrate how irresponsible and easily damaging drunk driving can be and also alcohol, merely in and of itself.

  2. Rob, you make a good point. Indeed this was written well before the tox report came out on Ms. Veitch. The whole thing is a true tragedy, and hopefully some people wake up to the damage that can be done by driving drunk.