Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NFL Recap - Week 14

Giants +2.5 at Eagles
Big Blue was far from impressive on the offensive side of the ball, but the defense came up big. RIGHT

Bears +3 at Washington
Who knew the Skins would have the fight in them or that Todd Collins could shake off the cob webs like he did. WRONG

Browns -3.5 at Jets
Jets played them tough, but you knew what the outcome would be. RIGHT

Panthers +10.5 at Jaguars
One of the worst picks of the year. Jags destroyed them. WRONG

Cowboys -10.5 at Lions
We knew the Lions would lose, only we didn't think they would have a sizeable lead in the 4th quarter. WRONG

Bills -7 at Dolphins
Another squish of the fish. RIGHT

Packers -10.5 vs. Raiders
Very good destroys very bad. RIGHT

Chargers over Titans
Big blown lead for the Titans. RIGHT

Rams +6.5 at Bengals
We had a 50/50 chance and we took the wrong 50. WRONG

Bucs -3 at Texans
Didn't see this one coming. WRONG

Cards +7 at Seahawks
We really thought the Cards would be in this. Guess we didn't count on 5 Kurt Warner picks. WRONG

Vikings -8.5 at 49ers
A destruction as expected. RIGHT

Steelers +10.5 at Patriots
Steelers shouldn't shoot their mouths off. WRONG

Broncos -6.5 vs. Chiefs
Jay Cutler finally had a big game again. RIGHT

Colts -9 at Ravens
See Packer explanation. RIGHT

Saints -4.5 at Falcons
Falcons season couldn't get worse. Oh wait, their coach quit. RIGHT

Week 14 - 9-7
113-92-6 overall

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