Friday, July 20, 2007

End of (July) Days

Despite yesterday's loss, the Yankees remained 7 games behind Boston (6 in the loss column) with some help from the suddenly semi-hot Chicago White Sox. There are 12 games remaining this month. 4 with the last place Devil Rays, 4 with a suddenly good hitting Royals team, 3 with the sluggish Orioles, and the 1st game of 3 game serires with the White Sox. Let's not beat around the bush. The Yankees have to go 9-3, 8-4 at the worst for those 12 games.

The Yankees open up a 4 game series with the Devil Rays tonight at The Stadium. Tonight's game is a must with Kei Igawa and Matt DeSalvo throwing the day and night ends of a doubleheader. Jorge Posada is back behind the plate with Moose for the first time tonight since May 22nd.

Here are the probable pitching matchups for the series. There are some ugly ass ERAs until Sunday.

Friday - Edwin Jackson (1-9, 7.14) vs. Mike Mussina (4-6, 4.61.)

Saturday (1) - J.P. Howell (1-3, 6.62) vs. Kei Igawa (2-2, 6.97)
Saturday (2) - Jason Hammell (1-0, 6.11) vs. Matt DeSalvo (1-4, 5.87)

Sunday - Jamie Shields (8-5, 3.91) vs. Andy Pettitte (5-6, 4.10)

Speaking of Matt DeSalvo, Lisa Kennelley wrote up a nice profile in today's Star Ledger. DeSalvo's brother said that Matt psychoanalyzes everything. Think all that over thinking leads him to walk the park?

Michael Morrisey wrote a small piece in yesterday's NY Post on how Melky Cabrera's hard work has paid off.

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