Monday, July 30, 2007

Off Day News and Notes

Phil Hughes made, what hopefully will be, his last rehab start for Scranton on Sunday. Dr. Phil Good threw 6.2 shutout innings, allowing just 2 hits. He struck out 4, throwing 91 pitches.

Joba Chamberlain
was scratched from his Sunday start and will move to the bullpen immediately in hopes of helping the big club. Chamberlain is expected to throw 1 inning today and Wednesday.

For anyone who cares, Jose Canseco is working on a new book and said he has "some stuff" on A-Rod. Joe Torre and Johnny Damon defended A-Rod. Source

"You worry about anything like that, because unfortunately, when people see it in print, they add credence to it. That's the sad part about it," Torre said. "It's a shame, because when you play this game, you'd like to believe you play with some kind of respect. Obviously, Jose needs the money."

"I just hope he thinks about not ruining someone's life, marriage, or whatever he plans on doing," Damon said. "If that's what Jose Canseco wants to be remembered for, so be it.

"To me, Alex is a great teammate who will always respect the game, play the game right and work hard. He loves the game, so hopefully nothing that can ruin a family or something comes out. ... Hopefully (Canseco will) think twice about it."

In addition to Kyle Farnsworth grousing about his use, he threw a pitch in yesterday's game that Jorge Posada didn't call for. The pitch hit Posada on wrist and both players were steaming. Alex Rodriguez played peacemaker. Source

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