Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A-Rod, Braun Could Be Heading for Home

Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun may be heading for home and not rounding third base to get there. T.J. Quinn, Pedro Gomez, and Mike Fish of the ESPN program Outside the Lines are reporting that Major League Baseball is looking to suspend about 20 players including Rodriguez and Braun.

Anthony Bosch, the owner of the Biogenisis anti-aging Clinic that served as a front for the distribution of performance enhancing drugs (PED), has decided to cooperate with MLB. (Shouldn't he be cooperating with law enforecement?) Of course, the burden of proof lies on MLB and speaking of lying, Bosch could certainly do that to wangle his way out of trouble.

But the biggest liars in these cases generally are the users and A-Rod and Braun can certainly spin a tale. You have to think that the Yankees knew about this since just a few days ago Brian Cashman commented on the inability of A-Rod or anyone to live up to the contract Rodriguez has.

Principle owner Hal Steinbrenner told the media that A-Rod had let the team down. He also backed off his statements a bit by stating that everyone makes mistakes and you hope they aren't repeated, etc.

It also created a bit of a debate on ESPN radio this afternoon. Stephen A. Smith called out the Yankees for commenting on Rodriguez while he's rehabbing from hip surgery. Later, Michael Kay defended the Yankees for speaking truthfully.

The sh*t is starting to hit the fan.

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