Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1 Game In and I'm Already Sick of Hearing About A-Rod

There's no such thing as smooth sailing with A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez has been practically invisible this off-season, except for occasional pictures and comments here and there about his recovery from hip surgery.

Of course, he just had to be at Yankee Stadium for the "glorious majesty" of the home opener. And then he sat on the bench, wasn't introduced, and ate sunflower seeds all day. Most fans probably didn't even know he was in the ballpark and that was just fine with the Yankees and with A-Rod.

Talk radio picked up on it quickly though and Michael Kay wondered aloud why A-Rod wasn't introduced if he was there. Mark Teixeira is on the DL, but he was introduced.  Kay was going to try to find out at the "Welcome Home" dinner that night if it was the Yankees or A-Rod's decision.
According to Yankees PR chief Jason Zillo it was all A-Rod.
Rodriguez told reporters he didn’t “need to be introduced to feel like I’m part of this team.” Asked if he wanted to be introduced, Rodriguez said, “I’ll tell you what – when I get introduced, I want to be on the field and not look back.”
And this is with him not playing..what fun.

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